Tailoring of women's clothing in Moscow

In terms of clothing, it is often difficult for women to please even themselves. Where to find the perfect dress or three-piece suit? It is easy to solve the problem: individual tailoring of women's clothing in Moscow, carried out by the Studio "Etalon", will create a small miracle.

Tailoring of men's clothing

Who said that style and fashion – is strictly a female field of interest? Look attractive and "respectively about" must and men! Entrust professionals to sew men's clothing to order: a suit or its individual elements, a jacket or a coat, things for everyday wear, wardrobe details for special occasions and much more.

Tailoring of children's clothes

Here You can sew a variety of items of clothing for children: seasonal clothing (winter, spring, summer, autumn), options for special events, costumes, and clothes for the little ones.


Each stage of work on future clothes is carefully monitored and controlled – both by You and our masters. Although You, of course, will get the pleasant side of the worries. The whole process of individual tailoring of the upper (and not only) clothing for men can be divided into:
The first stage, during which You negotiate with our master designers all the details of the product – style, size, color, material, features and accessories – and experts take your measurements;
The second stage, where You only need to be on fitting – all other concerns about the implementation of the order in life (at a price affordable to everyone!) will fall on our shoulders;
The third stage, the final, with the final fitting and, if necessary, bringing the product to mind, adding details, etc.